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Soccer is over. TJ’s team lost their last game which meant we got second place overall. Very cool. I loved spending the past several months playing soccer with my boys, but I must say, I was very ready for a free Saturday.

Several months ago, I promised my boys I’d take them to the desert to go off-roading and learn how to shoot a gun. So, we capitalized on this soccer-free-saturday to do just that. The women went shopping and the men went shooting. Seems like a fair trade. We had tons of fun in the desert. I love taking my “big kids” to the desert every year on our spring break man trip. It’s so much fun to watch high school men become boys again. I think it’s the big rocks and barren wilderness that brings out the little man inside. No TV. No electricity. Just adventure all around.

So, true to my experience, as soon as I opened the truck doors, the boys were climbing.

Then after climbing, out came the guns and up went the targets. We shot it up all day. Here’s my favorite quotes:

TJ: “Mom, I shot a 22 rifle and a 20 guage shot gun!!”

Tyler: “I’m a lean mean shooting machine. You can call me dead eye Ty now mom.”

Jake: “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for taking us to go shooting Dad.”


  1. Brian,

    What a special memory you & your boys are going have for the rest of your lives. They may/may not remember anything you say years from now, but they’ll always remember the time that “Dad took me shooting for the first time”

    Props to you, Dad!

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