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Well, my kids have enough English to get by, but there are some very funny things that the locals do with the English language. 

My brother-in-law and now my friends and I too, love to joke around with some of their mannerisms.

  • The dramatic “what pause” followed by the answer to your own question is funny and frequent, especially from William, the director of our orphanage.  We joke with him and do it ourselves, answering our own dramatic pause… but he has no idea we are teasing.  It’s too funny.
  • Exhibit A:  per Wiliam…. “I have to go to the Embassy today” = Today I have to go to the what? (insert dramatic pause here) The emboss.  (yes, he calls it the emboss.  So do we now :))

Our kids have added a new funny thing they say too.  They use the word “for” with great frequency, like an adjective.

Some examples:

  • I want to go to the airplane= want to go for aeroplane.
  • I want the red ball= want the ball for red.
  • I want sprite=  want soda for green.
  • I want orange soda=  want soda for orange.
  • I want chocolate ice cream =  want ice cream for brown.

So, personally…. I want the internet for fast.  This post has taken me forever to get online.

I feel my brother-in-law’s pain on this as he updates his from Kampala regularly to the same frustration.   I’m not sure if I’ll be able to update until I’m back again in the states- which is SATURDAY!!!!  Yahoo.  Our power has been sketch and our internet even sketchier.  If I have one, I don’t seem to have the other lately.  Currently it’s raining every night the power goes out all the time.

So… I’ve tried to upload some fun pics into this blog post, but I have finally given up as I keep getting bumped offline.

So in the meantime, here are some pics on facebook that don’t require my friend base. They have no pics of the kids, but lots of the general Ugandan landscape and culture.


  1. we want the FOUR of you to come FOR home

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