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I have flat screen tv envy.

It doesn’t make much sense because I hardly ever watch tv, so I should really give a hoot.

But, regardless, every time I end up at someone’s house who has one- which seems like everyone these days, I get a little jealous. I heard that the 32″screens (which is evidently about as unimpressive as a vhs player I suppose) are going to go for $350 or so by the time the “holiday” season rolls around. Hmmm.

But anyway, if you have one of these bad mama jama tv thingamajigs with HD signal, well then you should seriously consider waking up to sunrise earth on Discovery HD at 7am. When I was at my parent’s house, we watched it one morning while I ate my breakfast with the boys. It was a sweet start to my day. They just film the sunrise in locations around the planet and give you the nature sounds, no commentary- just an occasional text explanation with a time stamp.

If you love it as much as I did, you could buy it for both of us and we could watch it over and over again too.


  1. if you want to stand in line at Best Buy on Black Friday, I’ll get up at 3a.m. w/you.

  2. okay, i think somehow our brainwaves were like… connected for a little bit, because RANDOMLY i started thinking of the song “bad mamma jamma” and nature at like around the time that you posted this… i was in my ASL class and it just popped in my head for no reason and started singing it in my head.

    your telapathic with your blogposts!

  3. you’re weird summer. I love you. But this comment is random. Almost as random as Todd’s… though if you’d like to be telepathic with me and tell me how to land one of these bad mama jama things.. we could talk

  4. Anonymous says:

    32 inch ain’t all that bad. The one in our family room where you saw the sunrise program is only a 37. It depends on how big the space is where your tv will be and how far away your seating is. Be aware that your cable bill will go up when you add HD to your package. They may make you get a different box too and then charge more for that as well.

  5. um 32″ is the one that fits in our existing cabinet. I already pay for the freaking HD service… you have to for the dumb DVR my um… someone in our family really really enjoys.

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