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Well, last weekend I went to my first wedding. Shannon coordinated it. It was a wedding for Jared and Emily. Two of the first people I met here in San Diego. Emily and Jared were dating then and Emily was a senior when I got here, leading worship in high school. Here’s the highlights:
  • It was a fun outdoor wedding in a great park on Coronado Island. That’s where every wedding should be I think.
  • The reception was on the Mission Bay waterfront.
  • They invited a guy named John. I loved the braided foo man he had on his face. You gotta love this guys commitment to facial hair. 4 1/2 years. I know I’m supposed to be watching the bride, but this dude’s face totally distracted me in the audience.
  • The father of the bride performed the wedding. I think that’s cool. I wonder if my kids will ask me to do their wedding…. maybe?

here’s a photo set…. check out John’s mug in the top left.

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