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The time has come to start Fighting Fire with Fire.

I know a few firemen. Well, more than a few. And I know a few more cops. And I’ll tell you this. The cops don’t want anyone to get hurt, but they love a dangerous call. They can’t wait to get chase a dumb criminal down and send in the dogs. Oh they love to send in the dogs.

And firemen don’t want anyone hurt, but every one of them is a pyromaniac. They don’t want you or your stuff to burn (well definitely not you, but secretly, they might be okay with some of your stuff burning, especially if it means they get to go in and try and save the rest of your stuff) but they lie awake at night dreaming of setting stuff on fire. I tell you they dream of it. That’s why they drive all over the state for a fire. It’s a RUSH for them.

Tonight, the winds died down and the fire was coming down the mountain near my house. Since the wind was not ripping across the flames, this gave the firemen the window to fight the fire with fire that they had been waiting for…. so they set fires at the bottom of the hill which will naturally chase itself uphill and meet the fire coming down the hill. So, I promise you this… there are some firemen from all over this fine state having the time of their life setting a forest of grass and trees not far from my home on fire. Make no mistake about it. They are laughing right now and breaking out the marshmallows since there was nothing but vegetation between Steele Canyon High School and the approaching fire… so GAME ON.

here’s the photo from my kid’s fort as best I could get it at night. Most of the fire pictured was just set by the firemen.

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