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Called my seminary and got a $3 fee dropped.

Called U-haul to complain about renting me a car dolly with 8 lbs of pressure in the tires when they required 50 lbs and the dumb thing only has 2 tires and some wires. Seems like they could get that right and I should not have had to work so hard to make something useable I paid to use. 4 days and 4 people later, they finally gave me a 50% refund. $120 worth.

Called ebags to ask for a $10 credit. I asked because the same day my new backpack arrived from them, visa sent me a promotion saying that if I bought a bag from ebags in January, that they’d give me $10 off. Since I paid with Visa already, I figured it was worth a try to get a refund. Well, the lady told me she’d have to research it since I used google checkout to buy the bag. Today I got an e-mail saying I win and they’re giving me $10 back.

Woo hoo. $133 back in grocery bucket.

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