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Well, today I tried to experience life per my TASTE AND SEE post.

TASTE: I went to a youth pastor network luncheon today and I made a turkey sandwich out of a croissant and I put dejon mustard on it instead of regular mustard- just cuz I felt like it and wanted my pallate to smile. Oh, and they had a bowl of fresh strawberries and some dill pickles- so I ate some. I also ate soft serve ice cream with my kids to celebrate their graduation from Kindergarten and 3rd grade today- and just because of my new found desire to taste good things… I had it dipped in chocolate.

DRIVE: I drove with the windows down all day. I also listened to music way too loud.

SEE: I drove my wife to the hospital today. I enjoyed the fern/palm tree things at the front. They have really pretty plants at Kaiser down here. I also made sure I saw good and well the x-ray that proved she broke her shoulder in two when some wood fell over on her in our garage today while I was at work. I did not watch them put the big ol IV needle in though… I didn’t want to faint and end up on the floor.

PRAY: I prayed a lot for my wife’s shoulder. I thanked God for health and health care and prescription narcotics. (no I didn’t take some) And I prayed for healing. I held her when she cried. I guess part of life is the pain too. Maybe if I continue to take it all in, the good and the not so great- God will continue to use it all to shape me.

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