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I just saw this post on marko’s blog and I clicked this link and watched the trailer for an upcoming movie called Expelled. Wow. I’m hooked.

In college I was the president of an organization called “truth seekers” for about a few years. We brought philosophical and theological debates from the foremost thinkers in their respective arenas to UC. Davis. We hosted debates on creation/evolution, the foundation of morality, and the existence of God with speakers of high reputation and writings on both sides of the coin. I don’t really love the debate format, but college students a Universities do, so it made for some interesting experiences in a format that often packed the largest rooms on campus to overflowing. This movie trailer brought back some memories and made me want to rush to the theatres. Very interesting. I’ll be watching in the spring of this year with my old UC. Davis alumni jersey on just for old times.

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