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I found myself randomly encouraged in the last 2 days by two really random sources.

  1. I read this article which I found on Marko’s blog. I used it in my message on Sunday to challenge our students to consider what it says or doesn’t say about the idea that “everyone matters.” In my opinion, it is an article about an act that is degrading to women in the clearest way and presses the issue of “everyone matters” in some negative ways. However, the more I thought about it, it’s also one of the greatest encouragements I think a young woman might have today. It demonstrates that our secular culture believes that a woman in her 20’s who has held onto her virginity possesses such a rare commodity that it is worth at least $250,000. Consequently, when [in this case] I challenge the young women in our ministry take their virginity into marriage, they take a gift that even our non-believing society acknowledges is both immensely valuable and extremely rare. In a backwards way, that’s encouraging.
  2. Tonight I was reading for seminary and had the Jets vs. Charger game on, but without volume. So at one point I looked up, just in time to see Brett Favre throw an interception that was then promptly taken back for a Charger touchdown. In the next frame, while the Chargers celebrate, Farve is shown on the screen with this title “NFL record holder for most career interceptions: 290“. I immediately was encouraged. If a man who is surely headed for the NFL hall of fame as a quarterback can hold such a horrible record and still be regarded as one of the best of all time, there is hope. I can be a total screw up in some areas and still be considered immensely valuable. In a backwards way, that’s encouraging too.


  1. Hi Brian,

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