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So Monday night I had my first coach/parent meeting for both of my teams I’m coaching this year. One for TJ and one for Tyler. Well, we passed around a sign up sheet asking the parents to tell us their name, their son’s name, the number of the jersey they took for their kid, and the best ways to contact them. Well, yesterday was my first day in the office without an event planned in the next 2 days, so I took a day to do a ton of paperwork and throw a lot of stuff away- both for work and my home. Anyway- last night, while talking with my lovely bride who is going to be our “team manager” I tried to give her the sign up sheet so she could send an e-mail to our team. But…. you guessed it. I couldn’t find it.

I knew where it was last and the only thing I could figure is that it got thrown away inadvertantly. Problem is, I put my trash by the door and our facilities team empties the trash every night. So today I decided that instead of swallowing the “I’m sorry” pill and asking parents to do this all over again at this early stage in our friendship, I’d swallow the “I’m an idiot” pill and went dumpster diviing for it. And… believe it or not, I found it and it really wasn’t even covered in coffee or nothing. Yippee.

It was so much fun that next week I’m going back to find some lunch.


  1. props on keeping your blog updated. its good to read so much of whats going on in your world.

    … i remember having to dumpster dive at church a few times, at your command… good to hear you have been able to join in the fun.

  2. what in the world are you crazy berrys doing coaching and managing TWO soccer teams!?!? insane.

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