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I have a small dream list of vehicles I’d like to drive/operate. I’ve driven the following: both random and amazing…

  • several tractors
  • big bucket loader
  • a lot of buses
  • … in mexico. (You have not really driven a bus if it did not include dodging potholes and breaking down a few times and parking in crazy spots and brake checks and such in a Mexico)
  • two different types of double decker buses
  • a harley or two
  • a BMW 735i for a week and then to my senior prom. I felt like a king.
  • Some kind of really fast jaguar. I had a friend who was lent it and he let me drive it. It was fast. It was a jag.
  • a 1965 Shelby GT 500 ford mustang (its loud, fast, and nostalgic)
  • A 2005 Dodge Viper (very fast. stops even faster.)

On my dream list:

  • a ferrari or a lotus… but in needs to have doors that open up, not out.
  • a nascar race car at one of those training camp things. I have a friend who just did this with Mario Andretti’s school. That sounds like a rush.
  • a crane- maybe one where you get to drop a car at the end onto a big pile of other cars.
  • a semi-truck and trailer
  • anything in a country where I drive on the left side of the road
  • and the Ford GT40 that I snapped a pick of as it drove past my kids baseball practice. You can go here to find all it’s stats. I’ve seen one 3x in here in San Diego. No idea if it’s the same one, just always passes me up going the opposite direction so I never get more than 3 seconds to drool. I think if I was single. I might sell my house and live in this car.

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