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Ever wished you could have some great ministry resources at iTunes prices?  Like if you could score a message series or a resource for say… uh.. .99 cents then you’d do it!

Well dream no more! My friends Josh Griffin and Matt McGill have launched just such a gem. It’s called Download Youth Ministry.

I dug the site, loved the idea, and thus tossed a couple resources their way to join in on the fun.  If you want a steal of a deal on stuff that’s worth WAY more than the couple of bucks it’ll cost to download, then this is your place.

I uploaded three resources to get the ball rolling on my contributions.  More to come.


BRINGING SEXY WAAAY BACK  a 4-week dating/sexuality series with outlines and scripture and suggested illustrations.
  • WEEK 1 BRINGING SEXY WAAAAY BACK – God’s Design for Sexuality
  • WEEK 2 I’M TOO SEXY FOR YOU – the power of inner beauty
  • WEEK 3 IF YOU GOT IT…. – a new look at modesty as sexuality under control
  • WEEK 4 MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL…. peace in Jesus before purpose in sexuality


SMALL GROUP ADMINISTRATION TOOLS: 7 editable documents to help you pull off small groups! As an added bonus, we’ve included a prayer request worksheet and 3 ready to print (in house or professionally) follow up post cards.
4 Keys to a great study
  • Boundaries for Discipline
  • Small Group Covenant
  • Small Group Evaluation Questions
  • Small Group leader job description
  • Small Group profile
  • Why Small Groups
  • + postcards
  • + prayer request sheet

LEADERSHIP TEAM RESOURCE BUCKET  A large group leader job description, adult leadership application, student leadership application, sample vision statement/core values doc, medical and permission slip waiver, ministry evaluation worksheet.

  • adult leadership application
  • core values and vision outline
  • event permission form
  • large group leader job description
  • student ministry evaluation worksheet
  • student leadership team application

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