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I recently started adding blogs to my bloglines through some links I find when reading other sites. I reorganized them into 4 categories:

  1. friends and family
  2. pastors
  3. thinkers
  4. professional feeds

Anyway, one I put under the professional feeds category is by Tim Sanders. He’s one of the original founders of yahoo or something like that- I’ve heard him teach at Catalyst or the Leadership Summit or something. If you ask me, the dudes a little weird. But I thought he might be interesting, so I added him.

But in his latest post he questions the “dog eat dog” reality of the world. He asks, “Really, who has ever seen a dog eat a dog?” He then proves his point by saying he thinks we life in a “dog-sniff-butt-dog world”…. and he says it without even cracking a smile. I played it 4 times and laughed more and more as I heard him say this. I think I want his voice saying that phrase to be my cell ringtone. “I think we live in a dog-sniff-butt-dog world.”

Take a listen for yourself.

evidently you “tune into other people” by sniffing their butt or something. I don’t get it. But I think it’s hysterical.


  1. b. berry who are some of your thinker blogs you subscribe too???

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