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Confession: I feel fat most days. I have ever since my feshman year in college pretty much.

I think it’s a combination of the culture I live in, the proximity of my youth ministry to the beach, the skinny people I see, the fact that most of the high school students I work with have a metabolism that has no signs of slowing down yet, the truth, and yatta yatta.

Well, a few weeks ago for a DMV physical and an adoption physical combo dealeo, they drew some blood to take some tests to make sure I’m not a crack addict. After the tests came back, they said my cholesterol is great and I’m not doing drugs and that my liver was showing some readings they did not like and called me back in to take the test again.

Today they called me to tell my liver is working fine and something about copper is great too. However they want me on a “low fat” diet cuz evidently they think I might be storing fat on my liver which is making some other reading about something be higher than they want to to be. I don’t have diabetes, I don’t drink alcohol more than about 1x a month, and I don’t qualify as obese, but they say I’m slightly overweight and storing it on my liver.


I swear, I couldn’t gain a pound in high school if I tried. Now, if I eat a pound of food, 1/2 of it goes straight to my chin and the other half is evidently chillin’ on my liver. Which she says isn’t much to worry about, but they basically want to try this rat caught in a trap lab experiment on me.

Oh well, here I go. 2 months of “low fat diet”. I’m gonna get ripped too, just to show the doctor how freakin’ fit I am. Then I’m gonna walk the beach naked and get a tatoo of a skinny liver.


  1. Too funny. You crack me up. Luke had a little health issue a mont ago or so. When we were in the exam room waiting for the doctor, I was checking out the weight/height ratio chart. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that LUKE WAS (technically) OVERWEIGHT! The doctor even mentioned it too! I have been teasing him endlessly. But I can get away with it, because he looks GREAT. And the guy doesn’t have a self-conscious bone in his body. (I take that back – his hair going grey makes him self-conscious!) That chart just doesn’t work for everyone. He has a short stocky body. But I keep telling him that someday his horrid eating habits will catch up with him.
    Good luck with the low-fat diet. NO FUN!

  2. yet another reason why I want to be Luke. 🙂

  3. fat liver, meet cranky gall bladder. this is up there with my last doctor’s visit when he told me my gall bladder was cranky. and that i need to exercise more, and focus more on a low fat diet. apparently too much fat made my gall bladder cranky.

  4. Dude, I think I have the same thing….was it high trygliceride levels?

  5. nope… something “ast or alt” I think. Google it and I bet it’ll come up. I forget, but it wasn’t that trythingy you just mentioned. I could look it up on my kaiser webpage, but I have a fat liver and it makes me lazy.

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