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Took the kids out of school and went to Disneyland with my sister, my brother in law, my wife’s parents, my parents, and my family today. Good times. Cool thing is this is the first time my entire family is tall enough so everyone gets to go on all the rides and we don’t have to toss a coin to see who’s going to wait with the munchkin. Jake even went on space mountain. What a trooper.

Here’s a photo collage from today. I’ll let them say the thousand words.


  1. aww Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Im sure the “berry tribe” loved it. Im glad you all had a great time. I love the collage by the way. Send my luv to the fam, k.

  2. Just looking through old pictures on my computer and found you in it and I missed Brian Berry. ESPecially since we have this ongoing guestspeaker dude named Brian Boone…he just wishes he was the real Brian B.

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