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Yesterday I spent the day with TJ at Disneyland. He was SOOO excited that he made advanced band and that meant that he got to go to Disneyland and play a score of music behind the clips of an actual Disney animation film for fun.

We arrived at what will be TJ’s new school next year- Hillsdale Middle School- and met up with the band and piled into 2 tour buses. A few hours later we arrived at the land of all things Disney.

TJ and I hung with two of his buddies and their parents almost all day. Upon arrival we hit up Space Mountain, some lunch, and Star Tours. They then went back stage to do their music score, but only some of the parents were allowed to go. I’m not sure how they made the picks, but I didn’t get to go. That kinda bummed me out. But oh well. Maybe in a future year.

Anyway, I spent my 2 hours alone drinking coffee and reading a book I kept hearing about- a novel called “The Shack“. Yeah, not exactly a book you should read on a park bench in the “happiest place on earth”. (Definitely don’t read it while camping with small children!) By the time I stopped in chapter 5, I had cried several times and cussed under my breath at least twice. I even sorta knew where the plot was going, but I found myself both wanting to and hating to turn the pages.

Anyway, about 2:45pm TJ and company exited the back stage area and we headed out to hit it some more rides. One parent had nabbed us some fast passes while the kids were back stage, so in the afternoon we hit The Pirates of the Caribbean, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Buzz Lightyear, and The Matterhorn all the while stopping here and there for a Disney pin trading/buying extravaganza with TJ’s graduation money before finally heading home on the bus.


  1. Lucky… I want to go to Disneyland so bad and I can’t stand it! We are coming to SoCal next summer for my cousins wedding and swingin’ into Disneyland for a couple days with my dad and family. Maybe, just maybe you could meet us there! Yeah, it’s like a whole year away but doesn’t hurt to plan now!! Miss ya. 🙁

  2. Do you have exact dates? I’m a huge fan of the year in advance. I might actually be able to make that happen. Love you! The missing is mutual.

  3. Probably the beginning of July 2009. I’ll have to wait and hear when my cousins wedding is! We’ll be flying since it takes forever in a car and hopefully we’ll have another baby by then!! 🙂 Yikes! Oh, we bought a ’91 5th wheel last night so you better think about going camping or something with us. I’ll be glad when we all get to Heaven so there aren’t any miles between friends. Love ya.

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