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Um.. I think I need a digital video recorder. The stress level of my life in commercials of the season premiere of 24 has had me on edge for 3 days straight… I cannot believe I’m so consumed by this stinkin’ tv show. I have a class on Monday nights so I now have to tape it anyway. I’m sure there’s some deep spiritual lesson in this… I mean I’ve never followed any of the reality TV shows- not really sure why- just haven’t… but this stinkin show reached out of the TV and grabbed me- there must be some deep subliminal message for my stress hungry twisted soul evidently. I was so amped in the monday night 2 hour show that I had to cut up foam for my kids bean bags in the show so I wouldn’t pull out my hair instead. I think I need prayer, counseling, and a digital video recorder.


  1. stop watching now, or it will consume your life. Or, stop watching it on TV, wait until it comes out on DVD, and we’ll watch it together.

  2. Janelle and I got DVR after a conversation I thought we had. She got home from work one day and I let here know that I got “it.” Once I informed her what “it” was because apparently she gave the go-ahead in my imagination, she was down with it. It certainly makes our two shows easier to keep up on: 24 and Lost.

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