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I spent the week in Palm Springs with my wife courtesy of our church. 2 days with our church staff. 2 days by ourselves. 2 days at a our church’s marriage retreat. It was amazing. And it was 112 degrees. Yep. 112. I could have fried an egg on the hood of my car. Easily.

On day 2 of our time by ourselves, I tried to convince my wife to go with me on a hike in the morning. She said nope and looked at me like I was sick in the head. So did all my friends I tried to get to go with me. So, I went by myself. My bride stayed at the Westin and enjoyed a lazy morning and read an such. I went hiking in a desert canyon oasis by myself. All by myself.

So I hiked on an indian reservation on a 2 mile trek until a sign said the trail ended. But there was so much more climbing to do so I ignored the sign and went off trail. Then I found a waterfall and a secluded pool. So I read Blue like Jazz for a while and then I read Psalm 63 and then I relaxed for a while and then I went skinny dippin.

Maybe next year I’ll convince the wife to go. That would be fun. If so, I won’t be posting that. Here’s the full photo set of my hike surroundings.


  1. This post is sweet and gross at the same time. I just read Blue Like Jazz today. Let’s talk about it on Wednesday. You’re the man! (Except when you’re skinny dipping!)

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