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One of the men/dads that went with us to the Desert is also a graphic designer for guns and ammo magazine I think. Or something like that. Anyway- last year and this year he handled all the safety with regards to shooting clay pigeons and such. Well, he also made some videos for us.

This year, he brought a very expensive video camera and made a flashback video of all the fire and explosions on this trip. From the video, it looks like all we did was blow stuff up, chuck rocks, and act like pyromaniacs with weapons…. (um, sorta guilty of that) but there was way more to this trip than that.. but you’ll have to trust me on that one. Especially since, the only spoken words in this entire 4 minute clip are mine. And I quote: “I got one more bullet, where do you want it.”

I’ll probably loose my job in San Diego and have 4 job offers in Arkansas as a result of this… but here it is on the glorious u-tube.

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