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Today I heard president-elect Obama say that our auto industry is failing and needs our help.

Great. Let’s help. Um… I have an opinion on how per my experience today.

  • Car breaks.
  • Car towed per AAA service I pay for.
  • Car serviced.
  • Parts $101
  • Labor $188 or $94 per hr. for 2 hours.
  • Actual time it took to do the job including the paperwork per my bill: 50 minutes.

Auto industry explanation: “The guy is fast. He gets paid the allotted book time regardless of how long it takes, under or over the book time. Sometimes it works in the techs favor. Sometimes it works in your favor.”

Reality: My wife works as a substitute teacher. She has to work 16 hours to make what it took the car dealership 50 minutes to make.

Are you kidding me? 2 days of work to teach our kids verses less than an hour to fix my ignition? Can your cool new financial policy solve that discrepancy please?


  1. Anonymous says:

    The sad part is that the tech gets paid for his hours at work. The dealership just profited an extra hour and a quarter labor charge that came out of your pocket. The good shops give you the benefit if it takes less than the book time.

    If you really want to make a difference, get the new health policy to correct the discrepancy between the amount the hospital bills and the amount they accept in full payment from the insurance company and/or medicare. The final payment can be as little as 25% of the original bill. The guy without insurance has no one to negotiate down his bill, so he is saddled with the full original charge.


  2. You have become a typical liberal… expecting the fed govt to fix your problems πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry. He’s going to fix all our problems! You asked for it.


  3. If he asks, I’ll be sure and tell him not to fix any for you Ed πŸ™‚

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