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I have long wondered what it would be like to have a daughter. After 3 good old fashion births that produced boys, my wife was convinced that there were evidently no girls swimming in the race at all. So we formed a pact and agreed that if a girl was coming to the berrytribe, she’d have to come via adoption.

So we waited for the right timing. For years it turns out. And when we went to Uganda to get a daughter and another son (who we had no idea God had in mind too), I was nervous and excited. I’m so thankful we did though, on both accounts.

As a father of a 5 year old little girl right out of the starting gate, here’s what I’m learning so far:

  • The idea that boys are made of snails and puppy dog tails might be true. However my girl is not made of sugar and spice. She is made of flowers and clothes.
  • Everything made for little girls that we own has either a flower or a cupcake on it. Sometimes a cupcake with a flower.
  • Hair is a big deal. Putting things in your hair is also a big deal.
  • When you go to bed, you should get lots of furry friends, all your dolls, and then you cuddle. This is why in high school, 12 of them will sleep in one queen size bed if you let them.
  • She has a HUGE conscience and is not a fan of being in trouble. She learns fast.
  • She loves tomatoes.
  • She LOVES flowers.
  • She HATES being messy or dirty.
  • The little brown cabbage patch doll she was given by her brothers must get up and get dressed like she does. When headed to bed, she also needs a change of clothes and ALL the doo-dads out of her hair too. This not negotiable.
  • When she says, “I want kiss you” it is may be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.
  • I love my boys. I’m gonna train them to be men of character as best I can. Then I’m gonna train them to circle up and fend off boys who don’t make the cut from getting anywhere near the only little girl around here.

oh.. and by request, here’s my favorite 3 pics for you amy 🙂


  1. this post needs a pic =)

  2. Umm, wow. That post and then the pics brought tears to my eyes. God is truly blessing you Brian.

  3. I think your favorite are probobly my favorite too. Too cute for words!

  4. I was really touched by the pictures too. So cool to hear of God’s blessings in your life! 🙂

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