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D is for December. It is also for Decisions. Here’s some small d and some BIG D decisions I’ve recently come to:


  • TWITTER is getting the minor axe. It can be consuming- too consuming for me. People in my world twitter in meetings, twitter in church, and I have been known to twitter- even while driving. I’ve decided I’m only going to use it once or twice a day. I’m no longer going to look at it throughout my day. It frankly takes up too much of my day and too many people on my following list use it as a public texting service back and forth to one another, twittering 15x a day, and yatta yatta. No big deal, but I’m cutting back. I’ll twitter as I start my day and likely closer to when I end it.
  • BLOGS: I stopped reading blogs from people I don’t know. I just didn’t have the time- nor the interest and as bloglines kept piliing them up, I felt guilty for not reading them.
  • STUFF: I’m going through stuff and getting rid of stuff. Stuff sucks. I hate stuff. I also love nice stuff. Regardless, I’m working hard to say peace out to stuff. Garage sale coming soon. I have too much stuff.
  • LIGHTS: I’m sadly not putting up my christmas house lights this year. It’s costs me too much. Somewhere in the $200 range in electricity for the month. Can’t swing it. Maybe next year.


  • WORK OUT: Excercise: 4x a week. I have been lazy on this in november. I’m kicking it in to overdrive before I leave in January.
  • SCHOOL: I’m not going back to Seminary until I decide for sure what I’m going for and if this school fits my needs. I’m going to meet with a few professors before I leave for Uganda. I’m praying for wisdom.
  • MINISTRY: I’m seriously evaluating what and why I do what I do. I think we’re doing some stuff right. Some stuff wrong. But not a lot of GREAT stuff. I don’t like that feeling. I’m asking God to show up in some “only God coulda done that” ways in our ministry.
  • WRITING: I have several writing projects I’ve been unable to get to. School is done, soccer is almost done, adoption paperwork is almost done so I’m going to add them into my life in the next month.
  • READING: I’m making a reading list. I’m not buying any books. I have like 50 sitting around. I’ve got at least a 4 month break in school, so I’m gonna read a grip of them.


  1. Great post, Brian…you inspired me…I just hacked 15 blogs off my reader!

  2. ya know the new led lights cost lest then 10 bucks a strings and cost 80% less to power and home depot will even give you a coupon for $3 off a string for every string of regular lighst, working or not, you bring in to be recycled…..

    your kids dont mind no lights?

  3. nope, didn’t know that. U are some kind of anonymous information zone.

    Maybe we can look into that, but if my experience says anything, then they are already sold out of the rope lights and have been since November 28th. I think I might buy our tree tonight, maybe I’ll look then.

    not sure what “kids don’t mind” has to do with this decision. There’s lots of stuff my kids want I can’t afford to give them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey that Anonymous is an imposter! I’m the real Anonymous. Come on…all lower case?!?! Any ignoramus Obama-voter (redundant…my bad) could see the difference.

  5. wow $200 extra for lights? You must Chevy Chase the house up!

    I love reading your deep thoughts. Or maybe they’re not so deep, but they are ways you are living intentionally. I like that. Thanks for sharing. It always gives me something to reflect on in my own (albeit very different) life.

  6. Yeah I’m not a big fan of stuff either…especially with two little kids, most of it isn’t even mine. It feels good to get rid of it, even better if it goes to someone who might need it. Bummer about the Christmas lights but I think there’s worse things in life than not lighting up your house for the holiday.

  7. Dude that was really good!

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