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Anyone wanna fly somewhere with Southwest Airlines by July 21, 2008? I had a flight that I tried to make to Idaho last October but I had to cancel due to all the San Diego fires. I just figured out that I have to spend the money on Southwest by July 21 of this year or I loose it. With our Uganda trip coming, not only am I no where near a place that Southwest flies, but I can’t really afford to be losing money at this stage either.

My parents were just here- which would have been perfect…. but I was stupid and forgot and anyway– you can fly from anywhere to anywhere Southwest travels. I have $285.20 worth of credit I’ll sell to the highest bidder.

Wanna get away? Do you need a vacation?

Talk to me friends. If you or someone you know is planning on flying, I could sure use the help and I’m willing to take a loss to keep from losing the whole credit. What’s it worth to you?

Comment or e-mail me if you’re up for it.

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