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I love photography.  I started taking pictures in middle school with an old film camera from the WWII era, a pentax with screw on lenses that I bought at a camera swap meet as soon as I was old enough to learn the ropes.  I took a photography class in high school… back in the day when you had to go into a dark room and develop your own film.  

So, if you love photography. Today’s post is for you.  Here’s 2 links from 2 crazy pictures that totally baffle and stretch my mind as I ponder God and this thing we call creation. 
You can read more about this one on Time’s site here…. but it is evidently some crazy galazy pic.  It is NGC 6744, a galaxy located about 30 million light-years away— or 170 million trillion miles.  They claim that this is actually pretty nearby in cosmic terms, and of the galaxies in our immediate celestial neighborhood, NGC 6744 is probably the most similar to the Milky Way.   Of course it is.  Dang I feel small.  
This is the Puyehue volcano in southern Chile that erupted on Saturday, shooting a column of ash and gas six miles into the sky.  This picture and 13 more crazy photos like it can be found here.  Crazy stuff. 

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