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TJ AND TYLER: “Dad, can we have a sleep over with Wyatt and Garrett in the fort?”

ME: “Sure.”

30 seconds later….

BILLY: “Dad, we are going to sleep outside?”

ME:  “TJ and Tyler are sleeping outside.  You can sleep in their loft with Jake though”.

BILLY: “OK. (takes off running)”

30 seconds later….

BECKY: “Dad, can I sleep outside?”

ME: “No, but you can ask Molly if she wants to come sleep with you in your bed.”

BECKY: “OK… takes off running.”

30 seconds later….

JAKE: “Dad, TJ and Tyler are having friends over and Becky is having a friend over and we don’t get to… all Billy and I get to do is sleep in TJ’s and Tyler’s bed.  I don’t want to sleep in their bed. Why can’t we have a friend?”

ME: “Um, ok… let me call Ricky and Joey and see if they want to come”

30 seconds later….

ME: “Jake, their mom said yes.  Go out in the street and wait for them to come up.”

5 minutes later after I come to my senses….

ME:  “What did I just do?  We now have EVERY kid from our street spending the night in our house and our 5 kids just literally doubled.  I must be crazy!”

So 10 kids played Wii while I popped popcorn, then 6 little ones stayed inside and watched a movie and eat popcorn and popsicles while the 4 older ones went into the fort to watch a movie on the portable dvd player, eat popcorn, and plot how to take over the world.



  1. That is sooo cool! Some day when your kids are teens, all their friends will want to hang out at your house instead of the other way around! 🙂

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