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This weekend we launch a new series in Encounter.  It’s called “CRAVE” and is about the urges that drive us and how to discern what we should do about them.  I’m really stoked about it and how our series is being crafted.  We’ve done some things a little different with this series- trying to reorder some stuff, change our outline format, and add a target feeling to each service.  We’ll see how they work.  But each week as we’ve prepared has 3 staples as a starting point.

  1. a specific week’s title to guide us
  2. a feeling we’re trying to invoke in someone who engages with our service.
  3. and a focus issue we’re trying to challenge students to apply to their life.
Here’s the 4 weeks broken down:
October 9
  • TITLE: I want it
  • FEELING:  A deep yearning, craving, reaching for something
  • TOPIC: Discerning if I really want what God really wants
October 16
  • TITLE: I’m stuck in it
  • FEELING:  Angst- a refusal to accept life as is.
  • TOPIC: Getting out of the patterns and ruts we get stuck in that keep us from our full potential
October 23- FALL RETREAT

October 30
  • TOPIC: I want out
  • FEELING:  Hope- there is a way out.
  • FOCUS: Freedom from bad relationships
November 7
  • TOPIC: I’m free from it
  • FEELING:  Joy- the freedom to move
  • FOCUS: Ditching Addiction 
Pray for us. Pray that this series inspires lives, transforms hearts, and removes a ton of sin in our high school ministry.  Pray that we CRAVE the things that honor God and build up students to their fullest potential. 


  1. Sounds like a great series. This generation of teens craves much, most of it not very important. Blessings to you as you to try help them focus on Godly cravings.

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