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Well, last weekend we went on the annual family Christmas light viewing. We piled in the car, hot chocolate and cookies in tow, even the dog in the back, put on our coats, and headed for Pepper Drive. We drove slow with the windows down and soaked it in. Shannon’s favorite I think is one where this family has a wooden nativity out front and everyone is bowing down worshipping Jesus- even Santa who is on his knees and has his hat in his hand. I think that’s kinda funny. I also like the guy who has this ridiculously huge display and then he has a “mailbox” out front asking for donations to the power company.

For what it’s worth… here’s a photo of our outdoor display. I added poinsettias to our annuals pots and Shannon found a new wreath this year. She said she couldn’t handle the one with fake snow in the heat, this one looks more “tropical” she said. I just smiled and paid for it. We also added another lighted deer and an angel. I was told these were also needs, which upon purchase caused my wife to gather the children together, have them gaze up at me from under her arm, and then listen to their mother proclaim that when they grow up, she wants them to be just like me. Evidently the perfect husband buys too many freakin Christmas decorations.

Next year our landscaping project will be done and my boys are already plotting as to how we’re going to light up all the new fence. I guess I better start saving for lights now. Maybe I should get ready for a power company donation box too 🙂

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