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Last summer we took a group of students to Uganda. It changed my family radically. It also, ironically changed not just the students we took on the trip, but a mom who we left behind.

So much so that she felt burdened to turn the hundreds and thousands of dollars that are given in a weekend soccer tournament into a weekend life changing opportunity by using ALL the proceeds to help the poor.

The result? This mom has worked ridiculously hard and created a fully functioning, fully sanctioned, local tournament for soccer in San Diego called Kick for Hope.

One mom. With One team of helpers. One vision. One passion. One dream. One unyielding drive towards her goal.

You go Kristin. I’m soooooo proud of you.

Here’s the promo video which includes a shot of me, one of tyler, and several of our team in Uganda turned out great. Check it out and if you are a soccer mom or soccer coach or soccer lover- then bring a team or volunteer to serve or anything you can do to support this soccer tournament turned injustice fighting event.

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