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Go figure.

I’m in church yesterday and we’re playing this random fact game of sorts about apathy and someone says something about how we should send a text to “cha cha” to find out if this one fact is true. Evidently you can send a text msg to “242242” asking any question you want and you’ll get an answer.

I was in disbelief. But I’m the only one. Like 75% of my students have it preloaded into their phone’s memory already.

Then a student blurted out, “yeah, I used it to cheat on a test once”.

Great. Just great. Now students can text a question and google gives them the answer via text.

Out of curiosity, I said, what happens if the question is really lame? Do you still get an honest answer. So I had a kid text this: “how do I dial 911?”

Cha Cha replied: “press 9. then press 1. The press 1 again on your phone keypad.”



  1. Huh..never heard of this..good to know.

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