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CARIBBEAN CRUISE- welcome to Galveston

Ok.. this week I’m going to try and relive my cruise week. I’ll post a photo collage of each day- one per day for this week. Something I’ve been wanting to do since we got back. I was going to do this while on the cruise… but my computer busted on day 1.

Anyway, this first one is a photo collage of our first day arriving in Galveston, Texas.

We met our new traveling party, our old friends Will, Jill, Elyshia, and Andrew in At the airport in Houston, Texas. We also met Jeff and Lisa for the first time: two new friends for us who are former coworkers and long time college/wedding party friends of Will and Jill. We then took a crazy cab ride to Galveston, about an hour away to the Hotel Galvez. Each couple had their own cab because evidently we missed the shuttle that Princess Cruises had for arriving guests – so they sent us in cabs instead. One cab got lost, one cab got a ticket, and few were driven like ours- by some guy who evidently believed there are two ways to drive a cab: full throttle and coasting. He alternated between the two the entire one hour drive.

Anyway, once we finally got there, we had a nice dinner, a good nights sleep, lots of anticipation in the air, and a lovely breakfast to start off an amazing, relaxing, and must do again kind of week.


  1. Elyshia Mullikin says:

    Brian, I’m soooo loving it!!! As I’m reading it all I can’t wipe the smile off my face as I relive those momments in my head. Seriously, that was by far the absolute best vacation I have EVER been on. It was…perfect! The people, food, scenery…I can just keep going. Thanks for putting it all into words for us. I love it!!!!

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