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Shannon has two sisters who we don’t get to see much. Initially it was because they both lived with their mom like an hour away. Now it’s cuz they both are working and/or busy with college. But despite some distance and busy schedules, we share a special bond because of blood lines and the role our family has played over the last decade after the death of their dad and the “Campbell” side of our family heritage. For years when they were in kids they would come to our house with their dad. Then there were a few years of us picking them up or getting dropped off to us, and then in high school they would drive themselves across the bay to spend a day or two with us. But those days are gone and now they’re in their twenties and the last few years they have come to SD to hang out with us for a day or two.

Scott also had a sister who we see even less. But Becki and her family came to visit us too this year, all the way from Louisiana around the Thanksgiving time when Shannon’s mom was in town. It was a great few hours.

The aunties then came in early December, but the month has had me so crazy that it wasn’t until this week that I got to put together the pictures from our time together.

So Caitlin, Erica, and Becki… here you go. Here’s the long promised picture posts. Thanks for helping us set up the tree and decorate the lights and eat and laugh and keep the Campbell name alive and well. Dad would be proud.

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