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One of the things that we were asked to do in order to begin the process of adopting Becky and Billy was create a simple children’s book that will eventually be read to them daily in the orphanage until we arrive. We were told some basic guidelines, but essentially its goal is to orient them to our family and home. So, we created this book.

Once we finish our international home study and get our international documents approved- another month or so I think… then they’ll start reading this to them daily. We sent it over with Mandy (the orphanage director) as she left L.A. early last week for Uganda to be there all month.

Tomorrow my wife tells our story to a group of women at a luncheon at Neighborhood Church. (Neighborhood is our high school youth ministry home church, where both of us began our faith, where I did my ministry internships, and where our families still attend)

SO: Pray it up for that; they take a love offering when it’s over. Pray they feel the love.


  1. Awesome. Look the book, and so will Becky & Billy I’m sure.

    So Shannon is up here? Any chance I could get to see her?

    I’m thinking of some ways I can help bring the BlackBerries home ($$$$). Will keep you posted.

    Please keep sharing details of your adoption journey. You never know who might be reading, who will be touched to also give a family to an orphan (or two!).

  2. So I imagine this is the first of many tears I will shed reading your latest journey unfold.

  3. I love the book…what a great idea. Looking forward to hearing more details.

  4. You popped into my head this morning and i decided to see what was going on in berryland. WOW!! didn’t expect that one!! I am so excited for you guys =) I can’t wait to watch this journey unfold. This is simply incredible! It is wonderful to see amazing people like you and shannon doing something so many other people would not have the ability to do. I am simply BURSTING with joy right now!!! It really does fill my heart with so much happiness =) I can’t wait to tell my mom and show her your book =)

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