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Well, for the last 6 months I’ve written 5 times a week on this blog and I’m heading into a very busy summer.   Tomorrow, I’m going to the desert for a spiritual retreat with 2 friends in ministry for a day of prayer and thinking in the calm before the storm.

Here’s what the next 6 weeks holds for me:

ANNIVERSARY:  I’ll be heading away to celebrate my 17 year anniversary to my lovely bride and do a wedding for some friends in San Luis Obispo.

CAMP AND MISSIONS TRIP:  a week of summer camp with our high school and college students will be then followed by a week of missions in Haiti- literally 3 hours after the first camp ends.

SUMMER CAMP FOR THE KIDS:  I’ll be spending a week with my kids doing summer camp for kids at Journey.

CAMPING WITH MY FAMILY: I’m heading to 5 states with my family on a big ol 2 week road trip: doing a wedding and camping in Nor Cal while water skiing with friends, camping and bonding in Yellowstone, and then camping and hiking at Zion in Utah.

So… the next time I’ll pick up this blog again with any measure of regularity will be early August.  Welcome to my crazy summer and to my faithful few readers… see you in the fall.  Enjoy your summer.  🙂


  1. Please tell me you’re gonna stop by my house for dinner on the way home!

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