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I read blogs in a program called bloglines. It lets me read them faster and I only have to visit the actual site if I want to comment or if I want to see a video they posted. Some are friends. Some are ministry related. Some are just cuz they make me think. Some blogs I skim. Some I read word for word. Most I do a combination there of.

Anyway tonight… I was reading Scot’s blog when he said he was 52% addicted to blogging. He posts a set of links to other stuff on the web once a week on all kinds of subjects. This time, he had 2 posts linked I’d already read from friends/colleagues of mine (which made me feel important in a stupid sort of way), a bunch of others I skimmed, and then one on blog addiction.

Now, Scot must read WAY more blogs than I do. Plus, according to Marko…. Scot is somewhere next to Jesus in the number of people who subscribe to his blog and view it on the web and whatnot. I did my own study tonight and according to bloglines alone… this blog I’m typing right now has 9 readers who have subscribed to my blog. (and if I knew who they were, I guess I could just list them all off rather fast). Scot has like 600+. That requires like a phone book of names.

There’s a million reasons why such a difference in readership…. not the least of which is that, Scot blogs several times a day and I blog several times a week- if I’m lucky. I sometimes even feel like I’ve committed some social ill if I don’t blog more often… but I just beat that voice down cuz I simply don’t have (1) the time or (2) much worth saying- and my 9 subscribers don’t seem to be bothered much by it anyway.

So, I’m thinking, if I take this stupid test, I might end up like 25% addicted.

Not so fast….

62%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I think either Scot cheated and let his pet bird slam on the keys at random or this test is a farce.


  1. I would love to subscribe to your blog. But everytime I enter it in to google reader it says that no feed is available. So I have to come to your blog to read.

  2. I checked again. Still no feed.

  3. I’ll keep doing some research. Not sure why that would be… but I’ll check with blogger and see if I have a button that is wrong or something.

  4. feeds just fine into my bloglines

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