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Well, finished up a lot of work last night into the wee hours of the morning. Then ran some last minute errands including medicine for my kid who has strep throat, passed the munchkins off to grandpa, and got dropped off at the airport.

After getting our bags adjusted to the right weight and such, I went to check in and discovered I’d left my wallet at home in my truck from the errands. I had my passport, boarding docs, cash… everything but the back up credit cards and my drivers license. I called my friend Sarah and she saved my butt and brought my wallet to me. I can’t believe I did that. It’s been a long time since I felt that dumb.

The last time on a trip that I can recall was with high school group and I stepped out of a car to help another vehicle in our caravan on the side of the freeway and had an envelope with 2 grand in it fall out of the car. It was in between my legs and I didn’t notice it was gone until we stopped for dinner. I had to go back and find the envelope while the rest of our group ate dinner. Oh my was that stressful.

Anyway– a crazy start followed by a bit of a crazy plane flight followed by a crazy taxi ride to our hotel in Galveston followed by a nice seafood dinner and we’re off. We board the boat tomorrow for a great week in the Caribbean. WOOO HOOOO!!.

Hopefully my brain will be more functional with more than 2 hours sleep and the “oops I left it” scenarios are all done.

Thank God for grandparents staying with the dog and kids. Thank God for friends who are willing to help a brother in need. I really can’t do life alone. I’m too stupid and needy.

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