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Well, one thing that Adak has is birds. It’s evidently a world renown bird watcher destination- one of the few real tourist attractions that causes people to come to this island is to watch the migration season at Clam Lagoon.

So, I tried my hand and my camera at bird watching this week. I have to say, I could get used to this…. I had some fun.

Here’s three photo sets. This one is of the like 50+ pictures I got of Eagles this week. They are all over the mountain cliffs, streams, and river ways.

This one is of the same American Bald Eagle, but in it’s pre-sexually mature juvenile state where it’s plumage is brown and it’s beak black. Go figure… I even sound like a bird watcher with that sentence.
This one is of the many variety of birds I saw and photographed as I traipsed all over the place with my camera. I have no idea what most of them are- cuz I suck at being a bird watcher. But it can be lots of fun. Be sure to click on it to make them large enough to enjoy.

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