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Band events are not boring. Band events are not boring. Band events are not boring.

Say it with me people.

“Band events are not boring.”

TJ and I have decided we might get a fever right before the next awards ceremony. It’s like a graduation ceremony only with instruments and stuff. He even says the school events are boring.

BUT, before you say I don’t care or that my kid hates band and we force him or something, know this- he likes it and is good at it! 🙂

here are some other facts you should know:

  • I went to the concerts and the awards ceremony last week. Which is seriously saying something.
  • My kid is the man and can play a couple of instruments (trumpet, trombone and some piano and stuff) and read music. Which says way more.
  • He won the award for the greatest servant. Yep, the one most likely to serve his peers and teachers and help out without being asked. That’s simply amazing!!! Yeah for TJ. So proud of my band helper kid.
  • Becky and Billy got through the awards gig looking through pics on my iphone. Tyler made it through cuddling with his mom.


  1. you know how on facebook there is the like button that you can hit and you don’t have to leave a comment because you just like something …. we need that for blogs too.

    So I like this one, all of it from the beginning to the end.

    Just thought you would like to know 🙂

  2. Way to go T.J.! Way to use your gifts (long ago already!) 🙂
    You have a fan club in Fremont!

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