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“It’s a volcano”.

“Let’s shoot people with them. Peeneeer. Peneeer.”

“Mine’s bigger. Well mine’s the cleanest. Yours is a sand monster.”

“Look, it’s like a video game controller.”

We took our family out to breakfast and to dog beach after last monday. It had been a long week and I worked almost all weekend and we need some family time and the dog deserved some time too. But, despite out plans to just let the dog run in the ocean, um all 3 of kids got soaked. Soaked and sandy from head to toe. So the only way to get them home without ruining our car or causing me to have to clean it for 3 days was to strip them down and let them ride home, all 3 buck naked in the back seat. It was a warm sunny day, so what the heck- why not?

Well, um for future notice… naked boy boredom is the answer to “why not?”. Shannon kept telling me I had to make them stop. I just sat there laughing to the point of tears and wondering what will happen to me if I get pulled over. Oh the joy of raising boys.

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