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I’m so pumped about this series we are starting in high school this weekend. I really wish I was teaching all of it. I have good reasons to be gone which I’m excited about too (I’m doing a wedding for some former students in Nor Cal this weekend and then I teach in main service next weekend.) …. but I still love this series idea. It is about our core values or purposes. It’s called, “… and I meant it.” Here’s the breakdown.

  • Week one: “I said I’m living for an audience of One… and I meant it.”
  • Week two: “I said I love you…. and I meant it.”
  • Week three: “I said my lost friends matter to God… and I meant it.”
  • Week four: “I said I want to be like Jesus… and I meant it.”
  • Week five: “I said it’s better to give than receive… and I meant it.”

We have a a different student or group of students telling their personal story in video format each week. They were dreamed up/nominated by our student production team and Daniel (a sweet video guru at church) is putting them together.

I made a new semi-permanent wall with one of our volunteers behind the stage that our students painted this week with the logo. It looks awesome!!! I think it looks inspiring. I’ll post pictures later. I can’t wait to teach in this series and I’m really praying it inspires and challenges our students in HUGE ways.


  1. Hey Brian.. How can I get a copy of that logo?? It is pretty cool!!

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