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Calling all managers, baggers, shelf stockers, purchasers, truck drivers, and grocery store owners.


It is Christmas or Holidayland or whatever you want to call it- but regardless of what label you put on this time of year, certain things need to be in ample supply during this season! Yes, evidently you are fine with having a million pumpkins at Halloween. You seem to get that you need to stock the big open freezers with thousands of pounds of dead bird at Thanksgiving time. However, much to my disappointment, you have failed to understand the mandate of stocking ample supplies of “limited edition peppermint stick ice cream” during December.

For whatever reason, the folks at Starbucks think Peppermint should only be allowed in the store at Christmas when they turn their mugs red. Whoever makes the decisions at Dreyers has also wrongly decided that peppermint stick ice cream is not an daily commodity but instead a precious treasure for the holidays. Fine. But if you must only offer it once a year, then you should make enough to cover the nation 12 inches thick in the stuff.

Three trips to three separate grocery stores have yet to produce even one scoop of Peppermint Stick Ice Cream. This is wrong and if it is not fixed soon, if the orders are not placed and the shelves not stocked to the point of overflowing, I will be picketing. I’m also going to assault the blog world with posts to end your failures. The fact that you are always out of stock should be clue enough to you that people buy the stuff- and evidently lots of it.

I went to Lowes on December 2 to buy a single strand of rope light that had gone out on my house…. only to find out that they were “sold out” and would not get anymore in for the remainder of the season. I eventually found the last possible strand on the very top and very back shelf a rival store- Target. This too is wrong. But it is like a childhood misdemeanor and the ice cream is like a federal felony.

For the love of all things good and holy, please, order the peppermint stick ice cream and no one will get hurt.

-One concerned consumer trying to keep the American stock market from crashing and trying to make the world a happy peppermint stick place,

Brian C. Berry


  1. You can actually get peppermint added to your drink year round at Starbucks. It’s just a featured menu item at Christmastime. It comes with red sprinkles (usually) in December, but tastes just as good in the springtime.

  2. I hereby declare that no comments may be placed on this post not directly related to the subject at hand: peppermint stick ice cream and the severe lack thereof. Yet again today- 2 trips. 2 stores. Nothing. They have the other 3 holiday flavors: apple pie, pumpkin pie, and egg nog. But no peppermint stick.

    Until this problem is solved. I shall continue my rant.

    In conclusion- i reiterate: no comments- especially anonymous ones unless they pertain directly to the lack of Dreyer’s peppermint stick ice cream. thank you.

  3. Get a Cuisinart ice cream maker. We got one for our wedding, and enjoy it all the time. You can make any kind of ice cream and as creamy or as airy as you want. This would end your shortage all year long.

    (At Bed Bath and Beyond they’re 50$)


  4. We have plenty here in Ithaca – it’s my favorite kind too. Maybe Dreyers has more pity on those of us who aren’t celebrating Christmas in our shorts and t-shirts with palm trees and fake Starbucks snowball fights. I’d send you some but I don’t think it’ll make it. Good luck hunting 😉

    Lindsay W.

  5. After traveling to a total of 7 grocery stores in the last week looking for the same wonderful peppermint experience, we stumbled into a pretty large Ralphs in Santa Monica. I noticed that the Dreyers LTD Edition Peppermint wasn’t in stock but apple pie and egg nog were. I kindly asked the manager to check downstairs and 5 minutes later a gentleman named Eddy dressed in the type of clothes you’d travel through an underground cavern in, arrived… ice cream in hand. I heard the hallelujah chorus off in the distance somewhere, I swear it. Good luck my friend.

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