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I just needed to YELL!!!!   Here’s why:

  • 2 check books stolen.
  • 2 accounts canceled over the phone.  45 minutes later.
  • 2 new accounts opened.
  • Check card linked to wrong account.
  • Wife says account has no money.
  • Trip to Wells Fargo Branch- 1 1/2 hours later, problem “fixed.”
  • Trip to Wells Fargo Branch to re-fix problem that was not “fixed.”  1 1/2 hours later problem “fixed”.
  • 3 letters come in the mail telling me stuff’s not fixed.
  • Trip to Wells Fargo Branch to figure out what’s wrong.  Find out they’ve charged me $262 in fees due to their clerical error.  1 hour later.  Fees removed and problem “fixed”.
  • Go online to try and reconcile check book.  Find out all old data from previous 7 years of checking is gone from my access.
  • Call wells fargo to get it fixed.
  • Find out it can’t be fixed and that all closed accounts are no longer viewable online.
  • Ask them to send me transactions then, because the account has been “paperless” for a while now so I can balance my checkbook.  They say they can’t and I have to go to a branch office to “fix it.”
MORAL OF THE STORY:  If someone ever jacks with your check book.  Don’t tell anyone.  Just buy the $29 identity theft package from your local bank and go about your day.   Trust me, it’ll save you like 15 hours of headache and a blog post.  
PS:  If I find the guy who jacked my checkbook,  I’m gonna punch him.    I just might punch someone at Wells Fargo too.  I think I’ll wait a day or so before I go to the branch office.  They have video cameras there ya know.  
PSS: They have video cameras in the parking lot where my stuff was jacked in the first place.  Video cameras are lame.
peace out.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  
oh yeah…. and USAA- the ones I bragged about in an earlier post…. yeah well they haven’t returned my last 3 calls.   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! all over again!  


  1. Amazing … argh …


  2. Aye Aye AYe!

    That’s really a doozy! Makes the hassles of moving to Africa and shuting and shifting accounts seem much easier.

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