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Well, we are working hard to raise the funds we’ll need to get our kids home from Africa. Here’s an update on the process on our end:

NECKLACES AND BEADS AND SUCH: It’s a long story, but here it is really short and in a few pics. When we were in Uganda we learned of these necklaces that the “mommies” make at the orphanage out of magazine paper as a small business venture for them. It’s pretty amazing actually. Here’s a few pics of the process:

Well, we brought home with us several hundred dollars worth of these necklaces and bracelets in the hopes that we would be able to sell them for raising funds for the orphanage- or so we thought. Turns out it was (at least in part) for us to raise the funds for the adoption. Consequently, God has given Shannon several opportunities- some up north and some down here in San Diego- to tell our story and sell the beads. She even got invited by our local public elementary school several times where Shannon subs too! Here’s the display that we made for the Halloween gig at the school last Saturday.

All in all, it’s brought in something like $1400 for us. Sweet way to raise funds and bless Uganda in a bunch of ways!

LETTERS: We have sent out letters and are about half way done. Our goal is to have the remainder in the mail by this Friday.

RANDOM MONEY: I found some savings bonds from high school graduation that I liquidated for the cause and had the State of California send me a letter about some unclaimed money I have from a childhood stock I got from my grandpa. Yep, my grandpa gave me stock. Anyway- it had an unclaimed dividend that I’m chasing down. Random and cool.

BOOKS AND WRITING: I think I’ve found a way to bring in some more flow with several extra writing gigs that might not only be a blessing to the youth ministry world but a blessing to us as well.

GARAGE SALES, AND E-BAY, AND SHANNON’S SUB JOBS… and a bunch of other stuff I’m praying will fill in the gaps… but that’s where we are so far.



  1. will you be getting anymore of those beads….i would really like one.

  2. yep… we have a grip of them on their way to us. I’ll let you know when they get here. Thanks for your friendship and support. Maybe I’ll just end up trading you some necklaces for some shirts 🙂 I need 3 for my boys. I’ll get sizes soon.

  3. I want some too!! We want to contribute any way we can. I would love to buy some beads when you get some more.
    Even if you don’t we will contribute something =)

  4. the feelings are mutual…be sure to contact me when you get more beads in!

  5. let me know about the necklaces when they come in. i almost bought some recently and i’m glad i didn’t–i’d rather get them from you.

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