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NO, we are not auctioning off our children. But after tonight, we are considering selling our 3 to get these two.. just kidding. relax. don’t report us.

OK… but for reals check this out. We have a friend from high school who has a blog and a mean talent with a sewing machine and she’s combined the two to change the world by creating her own little private e-bay of sorts. She’s raised money for the International Justice Mission several times and right now, she’s doing one to help us out.

You can hit up her blog here if you’d like a beautiful apron for yourself or a friend as a gift to both yourself and our family! HURRY. AUCTION ENDS REALLY SOON.

Right now the highest bidder is a friend of mine, Neely who is also adopting! You should go to her blog and buy these cool shirts too and help her family out. Shannon and I both have one and we need to get some for our kids now.


  1. Brian what happened to the auction site?

  2. it got deleted by accident. She tried to delete her gmail account and she deleted her entire blog by accident. She’s been working with Google to try and find a solution but to no avail. she’s been horrified by it. I’ll let you know in a blog post once I hear more.

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