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I spent most of today reflecting on learnings from the past few years and planning for the future- both personally and professionally. I still feel like I could use another day or two to finalize some things and I know I’ll have to revisit these decisions every week to keep them going… but I at least got the ball rolling I believe.

One of the things I did was go over some notes from previous leadership summits. In so doing, I ran across this quote from Jack Groppel at the ’05 summit.

“If you experience something that moves or motivates or challenges you… you have 3 days to put some action to it, or you’ll likely have done nothing at all a year later.”

Um… so I have good news and bad news:

GOOD NEWS: I started to do something with this years teaching and I’m putting action to it within the 3 day window.

BAD NEWS: It took me 2 years of doing virtually nothing with a lot of stuff to figure out Jack was right. I suck!

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