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On Saturday, Marko mentioned at our parent training that with the onset of puberty, one of the brain changes we can observe is the ability to begin to think abstractly. Before that, kids can only think in concrete terms.

So about 2am that night, Jake hollers at me from his bedroom. He’s about 95% of the way done with the whole wetting the bed thing, but that night he didn’t make it. So, responded to his plea for help, got him cleaned up and then sent him to bed with Shannon and I, cuz I didn’t feel like changing his sheets at that hour. Plus, it was the wee hours of Sunday morning and I’d be leaving in a few more hours to go to church, so he would be alone with Shannon in bed soon enough anyway.

When my alarm went off and I left for church, Jake woke up. Later I heard that he told Shannon, “Mom, I need a night light”

Shannon said, “Jake, I’m right here, go to sleep. You don’t need a night light.”

Jake said, “Mom it’s dark, I need a night light.”

Shannon said, “Jake, go to sleep. I’m right here. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m your night light.”

To which Jake replied, “Well, you’re not shinning very brightly.”

Ahhhhh that’s funny stuff. Concrete thinking is way funnier than abstract thinking.

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