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Well, from Dec. 26th though January 2nd, we went to visit some family and friends in our old stomping grounds in Northern California.

The highlights were:

  • Several lunches, cups of coffee, deep discussions, and simple laughs with old friends dating back as far as my high school days
  • A run with my Dog through my old stomping grounds of cross-country training
  • Breakfast with Mom, time with family, and seeing my sister and her family from Oregon
  • Buying new pants- I lost 2 inches on my waist in the last 4 months. Yippee.
  • A day of snowboarding.
  • Tyler’s 7th birthday and bowling for the first time in years. Shannon beat me. She thinks people should know that. Now you are in the know.
  • Watched my first Pay Per View ultimate fighting championship at a friends house- that thing is crazy and it’s even more nuts listening to it in commentary from 4 off duty and 1 on duty police officer.
  • Caught a couple of movies
  • Spent New Years Eve with friends/family in SF- the first time we’ve been childless for that celebration in years.
Here’s some pictures. As always, click on them and they get bigger if you want a closer view:

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