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Well, today is a new day as our friends on the West coast end theirs.

Yesterday we went to the city to see the judge. Now we go back next week to get a ruling. Then it’s off to the Embassy for paperwork and visas and passports and then home. Feels like forever. We have had another family here with us and Andrew is headed home today. So it’s hard for our kids to understand that his time is now, and our time is later. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Regarding my post yesterday, I had further confirmation of the Obama craziness on this continent. Here are three pics to prove my point:

  • this sign on the road was in like 100 places.

  • this was a bumper sticker on a local car that has been in support of Obama for quite some time. Yes, he’s a local hero of sorts around here.

  • all three local newspapers here had his picture on the entire front page. This is the government sponsored one and has reactions from around the world, commentary from people on the street, and even the entire text of the speech. Crazy. I’ll post some of the local opinions in it soon. But we’re off to go swimming and have lunch.

Oh.. and while in town I found more floor puzzles for my son. The kid is a puzzle maniac. I couldn’t bear to watch him do the same puzzle for the 100th time. We now have like 10ish options, one of which is numbers to 25 and is 16 feet long!!! I think I might need to find more as we have still several weeks to go and these are done like 10 times a day in the morning and early evening.


  1. Wow, I guess the Obama madness here doesn’t even compare to there. Puzzles are awesome..he’s gonna have some great motor skills & problem solving skills. Mabye you can get him some 3D ones, those are pretty cool.

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