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Last weekend, my entire family and I flew to Northern California for Shannon’s cousin’s wedding. It was by far, the best 3 days I have spent in San Francisco with my family ever.

But since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s 20,000 worth.

We had dinner at a steakhouse founded in 1928 with Justin on the night before the wedding.

I spent a lot of time on B.A.R.T. I loved my new iphone bart app. So cool to be able to figure out when the train is coming and when how long it will take me to get where I’m going.

I got off the train on Sunday afternoon and thought to myself, maybe even outloud, does San Francisco ever get any more beautiful than this?

This is the rooftop of the Hotel Vitale where we had the wedding.

Before the wedding, I celebrated this great day while watching the blue angels buzz the city skyline. Always a good time.

Then before the wedding (and before Jake split his head open and had to go the hospital for 2 stitches!) I snapped this pic. My favorite part about it is that I just told my boys to stand there and I’ll take their pic. This was the smile and the pose they busted on their own. They really do love each other sometimes.

This is the wedding party

Vanessa and Justin with the bride’s parents, Tim and Saundra

My wife and I sporting the moon lit sunset of the bay bridge.

The San Francisco Ferry Building.
The sunset over the Bay Bridge.

Night on Embarcadero street and the Ferry Building. (side note: I also got flashed by some drunk girls on the next roof over while taking this photo. Drunk girls are really not that impressive, no matter how naked.)

Bay Bridge Night shot. I think I might sell this one.

Angel’s Island caught fire sometime near the end of the reception.

Long story, really short. Shannon and I managed to land a room with this view in the hotel- sorta spur of the moment, after the reception. The grand parents took the kids and Shannon and I stayed the night. This was only the second night I’ve spent in the city with Shannon, the first being our honeymoon. This view so kicked butt on the one we had in our room that night- which was a union square construction zone. This place was awesome. The icing on the cake was that I opened my eyes in time to catch the sunrise.

Here’s a shot of the fire they were now fighting Monday morning on Angel Island.

Wow. Such a great wedding day/weekend. If it is half the picture of what their marriage will look like, then it’s going to be one for the record books.

Thanks Mark for letting me borrow your camera.

These pictures and a few more are also in an album on facebook, so feel free to buzz on by my profile and see those too my friends.


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