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Lots of Sundays, I wonder if what we/I do in youth ministry matters or if anyone is even listening. By way of comparison, if I teach in the main service, in one week I’ll get 4x the feedback from adults that I get from 4 months in student ministries.

So, last week, Sarah was teaching and that freed me up so that during the second service, I could move around to observe some stuff I never do from up front. So I was hanging out in the back when I looked out the door to catch this scene I caught on my iphone.

THE FOREGROUND: our worship team, who have already sat through the service once are playing their guitars outside until their role in this service is up. Between and after services they have been collecting donations in Noah’s guitar case for the 4 children our ministry sponsors around the world and some for our adoption too. Something they have done on their own initiative for fun. Much to my surprise, they’ve raised over a hundred dollars in about 4 weeks time.

THE BACKGROUND: Megan is helping an elderly woman walk to the video cafe to watch the service on a big screen. I wish you were watching a video instead of just seeing a picture because that is 20 minutes of walking for about 25 yard walk. No, I’m not exaggerating. When Megan came back in I asked, “How was that?” She said, “That was the slowest walk I’ve ever taken in my life.” I was so proud of her, she offered her arm to that elderly woman and stopped serving in our program to do so.

I praise God for windows of direct or indirect encouragement. It’s what keeps me going back to work each day. Some of our students really do get it.


  1. It really is exciting and inspiring to hear how much it effects you. 😀

  2. Awesome, Brian. Those students who get it benefit from having a pastor who gets it.

  3. That is so cool. Bet that makes it all worth it. I wonder what kind of conversation happened in that 20 minute

  4. Wow a hundred dollars? I hope that helps, Brian. Take good care of those kids. I know you will. were all prayin for you.

  5. Wow! That’s so utterly cool!

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