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Well, for a while now, Shannon and I have been praying for July. Cuz we knew it was going to be crazy. Here’s why… in pictures and a few words:

A group of 30 of us spent a week at Point Loma here in he San Diego area learning about why we believe what we believe and how we can be a part of helping others get connected with God. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a great team experience for our ministry. Here’s the peeps.

I came home from OGN and the next day spoke on the weekend in our church services. Once Friday. Twice Sunday. It was on mentoring and our high school program ran the entire show. Our students played the music. We had a volunteer from our middle school share a testimony, I spoke, and several students did a drama you see below. They were on campus at lunch and just talking about normal life. In the process, we hoped that it would be clear to the audience that everyone, and especially those navigating their teen years, need a mentor.

After I taught, we went to a birthday party for our neighbor and then we dropped TJ off for his first week away at camp for the week. He loved it and then he came home and dove in our pool and cracked his noggin and got 3 stitches.

The next day, while TJ was away at camp, Shannon and I took Tyler and Jake to Belmont Park in Mission Beach. They rode the rides and then we ate lunch and then rode the waves. It was good times. Bummer we have to live in San Diego 🙂

The next day I left for Saddleback to take a group of our students to their student ministries conference. They were all incoming juniors or seniors and are part of our weekend planning team. A guy at our church lent us a sick RV for the week- complete with DVD surround sound system and two pop out sides.. we used it as our group meeting place all week and planned our entire school year of teaching topics, student leader meetings, and youth group activiities. It was amazing. We got to swim in the nicest back yard pool I’ve ever seen- designed by a guy at Disney overlooking the whole valley on a clear night. What a privelege that was. Anyway- it was both great fun and very productive. Here’s the peeps that went.

While I was gone, the birds in our orange tree hatched.

I’ve been home for a day packing and now we’re off to go camping as a family for two weeks. I’ll blog again in August.

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